11 SMD Component Carousel
X-KAR SMT Assembly Equipment
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XCAR-1 - SMD Component Carousel

This valuable option is recommended for users who have significant quantities of loose parts. The XCAR-1 is mounted under the Control Console in place of the Loose Component Tray. It has 15 single-component trays and 15 bisected trays which give 45 independent storage compartments for various small parts.

For user’s convenience, XCAR-1 has antistatic, semi-transparent top cover to protect the parts from Dust or misplacement during transport. It can be moved one tray at a time or several trays further in both directions.

  • ESD Construction
  • 15 single component trays and 15 bisected trays
  • Removable component trays
  • Component Carousel is a convenient storage of SMD
  • Used for prototyping, low volume assembly and repair work
  • Trays are easily removable

Carousel Dimensions:

Diameter 17,7" (450 mm)
Height 1,77" (45 mm)
Height with top knob 2.76" (70 mm)