11 Illumination System Long Life High Intensity LED
X-KAR SMT Assembly Equipment
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Illumination System Long Life High Intensity LED

XIL-1.1 Illumination system

XIL-1.1 Illumination system directs the light on the center of pick-up nozzle. It moves with the arm and provides illumination at the point of a component pick-up and during the component placement on a PCB.

This one of a kind option has been designed to illuminate the small working area around the pick-up probe. Unlike other types of illumination systems, XIL-1.1 mounts directly on the arm assembly behind the placement head and travels together with the arm to the point of pick-up (trays or feeders) and to the point of placement. This allows the user to set up the illumination tailored to his individual preference. The set-up of the XIL-1.1 on the arm is easy and takes no longer than 30 sec.